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Google Play Services is #1 app that every android device already has. Update/Download Google Play services 2022 Now !!

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Features of Google Play services

  • Run apps smoothly
  • Necessary for Android
  • Fix all the Problems
  • Make device work Faster
  • You can’t find it on Play store
  • Run apps better with Google Play Services
Google Play Services
Google Play Services APK is the app for Android users to make their apps run smoothly without any hassle. Nowadays YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, etc. are getting large in Size and that’s why Phones are lagging. So Download Google Play Service APK is the best thing to Fix all the android Problems. This app/service is completely free But there is no option to update the play services in the play store that’s why we are giving the Google play service app FREE. So, here we are giving you the Google Play Service Download APK !!

Features – Google Play services


Google Play services receive automatic updates(Sometimes NOT*) that means users receive new features and bug fixes more quickly .

Apps won’t Work without THIS!

Google Play Services are pre-installed on most Android devices. For those devices that don’t have it as a native client, it’s important to download. The package of APIs is responsible for core functionality and Google apps won’t work properly without it.

Security & Privacy

Google Play services powers a broad set of APIs and services on Android to help us to enhance our privacy and security and make our device more secure.

HEARTBEAT of your Device

Google Play Services ensures that some apps on your smartphone are dependent on Android OS updates to run. The package of APIs provides core functionality like location services, authentication, access, and syncing for your device. It’s used to regularly update apps from the Google Play Store.

Screenshots of Google Play services APK

Google Play services logo
Play service details

What is The Use of Google Play Services?

Play services are used to update Google’s own apps and even apps from Google Play.

The services called “Play Services” provides core functionality like 

  • Authentication for your Google services (like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar)
  • This also synchronized all your contacts with google something like Backups
  • This app gives Access to all new user privacy settings
  • Higher quality lower-powered location based services.

Play Services Short Description

Google Play Services
“Google Play services also enhance your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences.”

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Google Dev

Update Play Services via Google Play Store

Updating Google Play Service from play store

If you are thinking about updating Play services on your smartphone then you can follow this guide. It will definitely help you to update the Google Play services app. And now what there is no option avaliable in Playstore to search Play service > And update it directly. Sometimes you need the link to update it.

Even most people follow this step to update or to download Google Play services for Android

Download Google Play Services latest version for Android for free, without any viruses, from Google Play Store. Try the latest version of Google Play services from trusted source.

Step 1. Make sure to Update Google Play Services. 

  • First of all, open the Settings app on your Android phone/tablet
  • Tap on apps management or even apps and notification > See all applications
  • Now scroll down and click on Google Play services app.
  • Scroll down and tab on app details.
  • At last tap update or install button. OR click here.

So that’s it. It is how you can update this app from a trusted source. Even most of the people think about downloading the app from a Third-Party website but it’s not OKAY! because It might be risky to download the MOST essential app from any third-party sites. 

I would suggest to go with this method because it’s completely safe. And In case you want to download play services apk from a third party site, you can easily. Just below you can see the heading where you know how to Download google play services for android safely. 

Download Google Play Services 2022 – Latest Version

download google play service new version app

Ok so if you are looking at just downloading the apk file of Google Play services, and don’t want to update it then it’s alright I am dropping the link just below few paragraphs evening copy it and paste it on your browser but remember they update the play services apk less often.

As you already know Google Play services is the most essential thing for all the Android smartphones then find not to update it from Google Play Store. 

If you update Play services from Google Play Store that means you will get the hundred percent legit and official version of it.

 Don’t forget to Bookmark THIS Website! 

downloading play service apk file

SO I would suggest you to go with Google play store update of play services to get 100% Truted File.

And for now Here’s the Download Link of Google Play services APK file.

APK NameGoogle Play Services APK
VersionLatest Version, 2022
Android Required4.1+
DeveloperGoogle Coporation
Version22.24.13 (040400-455379205)
APK TypeFree

Last Updated on: 7 July, 2022.

Google Play Services is a proprietary background service and API package for Android devices from Google. When it was introduced in 2012, it provided access to the Google+ APIs and OAuth 2.0. It expanded to cover a variety of Google services, allowing applications to communicate with the services through common means.

Google Play Game Services can be used by application developers to allow a competitive and social experience through the use of leaderboards, achievements and multiplayer sessions. Saved Games API is available to sync game saves on Google’s cloud infrastructure. Location APIs provide specifications about the location technologies, providing Geofencing APIs for scheduling specific actions when the user enters or leaves specific geographic boundaries, Fused Location Provider acquires location information such as reduced power usage and activity recognition for allowing applications to adapt to the current action of the user (e.g. cycling, walking, etc.).

The Google Sign-in Android API provides single sign-on, authenticating the user inside applications using current credentials. The Google Maps Android API allows applications to include Google Maps or Street View without the need to open a separate application, allowing full control over the camera and providing a means of adding custom markers and map overlays. The Google Drive Android API allows Google Drive to be used as a storage structure, providing lookup and syncing of documents along with other file manipulation tools. The Google Cast Android API adds casting functionality to allow Android applications to display content on TVs using Google Cast, additionally providing various helpers for common audio, video and image types. Google Mobile Ads integrate advertisements into applications, allowing monetization by targeting ads based on factors such as user location. The Google Pay API allows purchases of services and goods via Google Pay. Other APIs include the Google Fit API, account authentication methods and Google Analytics. Google Play Services is used by almost all Google apps that have system-level powers. 

All major Android services are controlled by Google Play Services. Without this, apps may not work properly. Google Play Protect is a unification of Android security systems. In 2019, the company announced that the software was scanning 50 million apps per day. On November 6, 2019, Google announced the App Defense Alliance. Partners can request Google Play Protect to analyze an app. Results are sent to the partner and Google Play Protect receives results from partners. As of November, 2019, partners of the App Defense Alliance include: ESET, Lookout and Zimperium. Adoption Google Play Services is automatically updated through Google Play on devices with that application installed on Android 4.1 or newer. 

This means Google can deliver updates without manufacturers having to update the Android firmware, working around the fragmentation of the platform for which it has become infamous. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was announced in 2007, and functioned as the baseline system for all OEMs and firmware modifications such as CyanogenMod and LineageOS. 

Various AOSP apps were transferred to Google Play with a closed-source model. Many apps function only when Google Play Services are available (such as many of the Google apps like Gmail, Lyft, Uber and YouTube). 

Distributing Google Play Services as a part of the Google apps package requires a license from Google, which contractually prohibits them from producing Android devices that are incompatible with Google’s Android specifications. Others who are interested in modifying the Android system are required to either opt-out of Google Play Services or to obtain the Google apps package from either a device that has them pre-installed or an unofficial source.

An essential API package

Google Play Services are installed on most Android devices automatically. For those devices that don’t have it as a native client, it’s important to download. The package of APIs is responsible for core functionality and Google apps won’t work properly without it.

The heartbeat of your Android

Google Play Services ensures that fewer applications on your mobile device are dependent on Android OS updates to run. The package provides core functionality like location services, authentication, access, and syncing for your device. It’s used to regularly update apps from the Google Play Store.

Softonic Google Play Services 2022

This isn’t really a normal app, but rather an important system to keep your other programs up to date. They are a set of APIs used by other apps. Whether it’s your maps, your bike-sharing, your games, or YouTube you need with Google services. It even affects your device’s operating system.

Core functionality

The component allows your device to function in essential ways. It provides many services such as authentication to apps such as the Google Play Store, Gmail, and other Google programs.

When it comes to gaming, it provides the services used by developers in order to create a social and competitive user experience. They create leaderboards, player achievements, and multiplayer sessions with the Saved Games API. All of the data is synced through Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Without Google Services, it’s much harder to use your device to help you get from point A to B. The location APIs are responsible for providing specifications about the location services and GPS technologies. Geofencing APIs schedule specific actions when you enter or leave the geographical boundaries of any defined location.

The Fused Location Provider collects geographical information and recognizes certain activity and allows other applications to adapt to your actions. For example, it will identify whether you’re cycling, driving, or walking.

The Google Maps Android API allows the applications on your device to include Street View for Google Maps, even if you don’t open up the separate program. It takes full control over the camera and adds custom markers and overlays.

Your productivity apps are also highly influenced by Google Play Services. The Google+ Platform, for example, requires a single sign-in, the API authenticates the user inside applications using those credentials.

The Android API for Google Drive allows it to be used as a structure for storage and provides you with the ability to look-up and sync document data. This API is also why you can manipulate files and edit as you please, no matter the device that you’re using to work.

If you have Chromecast, the Google Cast API will add the connection between your Android applications and your TV. It makes sure that the audio, video, and image files all run smoothly and without interruption.

Ad Monetization & Payments

Play Services also includes Google Mobile Ads, which integrate advertisements in various applications. This allows for monetization, considering it targets users based on factors such as user location.

Other APIs include Google Wallet Instant Buy, as well as authentication methods for Google Analytics. With these running on your device, you can make purchases of goods and services quickly and seamlessly.

With the client library, developers are able to view the interfaces of individual Google services and obtain authorization from users who want to gain access to the services using their credentials.

If there are any issues at runtime, such as a missing, out-of-date, or disabled APK, this allows you to resolve them.

App Control & Security

As you may have understood by this point, this package is used by almost all Google apps that have any system-level power. Without this installed on your device, Android services that work with Google may not function properly. One of these being the security system.

Google Play Protect, for example, is responsible for the unification of Android security systems. According to an announcement made by Google in 2019, the software scans up to 50 million apps per day. The app is available to partners for analysis, to ensure that users and developers are protected.


Google Play Services operates behind the scenes, though you are regularly delivered notifications on certain updates. You can disable these alerts if you prefer.

It used to be possible to disable Google Play Services in the past, but now it’s difficult. In order for your Google apps to run smoothly, this package is essential.

This program generally consumes a low percentage of your battery, though some users report excessive usage following any Android OS update This is generally caused by an incompatibility between your operating system and Google Play Services.

MicroG as an alternative

If you have an unlocked Android and you’re seeking an alternative, you can consider MicroG, which is a modified version of the core Google service. This package is free, open-source, and offers the implementation of proprietary Google libraries.

MicroG allows Android users to access mobile services with generally less tracking in comparison to Google Play Services. You’ll still be able to access the same APIs, though certain features will be disabled, which is a major flaw for most users.

If you choose to use MicroG instead, the following apps won’t work: Google Play Games, Google Cast, Android Auto, Google Drive, Google Plus, Mobile ads, and Android Wear Support. While you probably will welcome the disappearance of advertisements, the other functionalities are fairly essential.

Crucial for your Android

Google Play Services is essentially the heartbeat of any Android phone or tablet. It functions as a core industrial framework for bridging apps and your device. While you can find a way to uninstall the package, or choose not to upload it on an older device, you’ll face many issues if you do so.

The apps affected if you disable this service include YouTube, Chrome , and even the Google Play Store. Even though this API package consumes a lot of data as well as batteries, it is unwise to use an Android device without it. If you chose the alternative, MicroG, you’d still have access to some APIs, but not all of them.

Author’s review


  • Essential to your Android device
  • Runs in the background
  • Updates apps


  • Can drain batteries

I hope this will help you to download play services apk Oops!… It will help you to download the latest version of Play services apk.

Google Play Services 2022 Download

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Learn How to download Google Play services 2022 | Play Services download

play service app

If you are thinking about updating the Google Play Services App then you have to understand that Google doesn’t allow users to directly Search on Play Store for Play Services Update

Even this tutorial is gonna help you to download Google Play services or you can say how to update the Play services app on Android.

I hope that all the above tutorials will helpful for you IF YES! then Do bookmark it on your Web browser. By the How’s the JOSH today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the MOST Asked Questions on Google Play Services whether it’s about update, info, or anything.

Google Play Services is the app for Android which is Pre-installed on most of the android device. And it helps users to make their apps run smoothly without any hassle. According to Google DEVs: “Google Play services also enhance your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences.

Yes, There are two differet methods avaliable to update google play services. One method is updating the app from Play store and second method is to update it from Third-party sites. But I would recommend you to update it from Google Play store.

If the Play services is not updating then You should clear the cache of play services from settings and Also try to uninstall the update of Play services from your mobile settings. Wait for few minutes, then try your download again.

Google Play services is the most essential app for all the android phones. If you see a error “App won’t run unless you update” that means you need to update google play services from here.

User Reviewsgoogle play services download

Google Play service logo

I don’t know why you are all complaining. Google play is great! There is one small problem here that no one is mentioning. Google: System Update Malware. It’s new and it’s vicious. It’s called a banking trojan. Your only hope is to factory reset and don’t login to.your account when you sign in. From what I can tell it carries all your information through mobile data andharvests with Wi-Fi. I isolated 2 phones today and am typing u right now from the secure folder. Utilize airplain mode. Fly.

Vile God

July 2021

Google Play service logo

OMG people, you know so little about how these things work that it’s almost too difficult to try and explain why your complaints are misguided, inaccurate. It’s like complaining about chess when you’re playing checker’s. Your phones Play Services software is like your “Google” Android phone’s lungs. It needs it to breath properly. It’s cute that they show the software like it’s an optional app in the store. But try running your service without it their. It’s an important part of the OS. 

Michaelangelo Turtle

July 2021

Google Play service logo

It is good app. Google Play services has updated the app improve services and more information technology and services features. Immediately implement.

Majeti durgababu



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