How to uninstall updates for Google Play services

How to uninstall updates for Google Play services – learn how to uninstall updates Google Play services are discussed on this page. Uninstall the latest version of Google Play services by using this method. All information about the Play Services will be available to you in our article, please read our article carefully. We will tell you in your article how you can uninstall Google Play services updates on Android. All the information about it is given below, hope that you will get all the information in our article.

Before we directly dive into here are the few information about Play services: 

What is Google Play services 

As an Android Geek my answer is, That Google Play services is the heartbeat of your Android smartphone. It is the core of all the web apps and also helps applications to run smoothly on most of the Android devices. 

What will happen if I uninstall Google Play services 

You can easily install Play services but you have to be very careful about it. Because when you uninstall Play services from your device most of your apps won’t run like YouTube etc. You will start seeing an error to update your Play services app.¬†

Uninstall updates – Google Play Services 

If you guys really want to uninstall the latest update of this app then you should definitely read our article. Here is the three step guide that will guide you in order to install the latest version of Play services.

  1. Open settings > Apps
  2. Tap on Play Services 
  3. Now tap on three dots > Uninstall updates 
  4. Confirm the action > Done.

So this way you can uninstall the latest version of Play service on your Android smartphone but in case you want to download the latest version of Play services check this.

Should i uninstall updates of google play services 

Yes you can uninstall Google Play services updates But you have to know that, after uninstalling the latest update of Play service most of your web apps or apps like YouTube won’t work because this season or of your Android smartphone suppose if you remove the heart from your body the body won’t work right.

So this is the tutorial on uninstalling updates of Play services. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and don’t forget to check out the latest version of Play service it has many supports and Advantages.

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