How to update Google Play Services without Play Store

Here’s how to update google play services without using the Play Store. We have shown how to update play services, but that method includes updating from the google play store.

Today I’ll show you exactly how to update google play services without the google play store.

How to Update Google Play Services Without using Play Store

updating play services without using googel play store

Below is the procedure to follow; let’s get started:

Step 1: Check Google Play Services Version

google play services verison checked

The first step to updating GPS is to check the current version of it. When you know what version of play services is running, it will be more accessible to update.

Step 2: Open Any APK Third Party Site

Decidedly, you have to open any third-party apk downloading website. If you don’t know the full form of APK, know here.

I recommend a few sites like Uptodown and APK To know about their safety, here are the top articles.

google play services uptodown on

Step 3: Find and Download Play services latest version

downloading update for google play services from

After opening these websites to download apps, search for play services on the site search box. Or simply search this on google: “uptodown google play services download” or any other apk downloading website. You can replace uptodown with it.

Step 4: Install APK

Right after downloading the updated play services without using the play store, simply tap on the apk from the download folder or find the APK on android like this.

downloading update of play services not from google play store

To install the updated play services apk, check the following tutorials in the form of bullet points.

  • Open the file location.
  • Tap on the Google play services.
  • Here tap on install.
  • In a few seconds, it would be updated.
to update play services without play store

Which Is the Best Way to Update Google Play service?

The best way to update google play services is to do it from the google play store, as it brings authenticity and device compatibility. On the other hand, it is hard to find a play service from the Play store.

Compared to updating play services using a third-party site instead of a play store. It is pretty tricky.


That’s all from my side today. I hope you find it easier to update play services without the google play store.

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