Why google play services is not installing? Proven Fixes!

Google play services not installing: If you have downloaded the play services from third party sites and its not installing then here’s the catch. 

Most third party sites provide the outdated or older version of Google play services. Because of that it can’t be installed on the device. Why? Because you already have the latest version of it, and you’re even trying to install an older version without even uninstalling the current one. 

Moreover, this could be due to any rooting app or Modded apps, that most people like to prefer. But that’s totally wrong. Google Play Services QNA

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3 Things to Do when Google Play Services is not Installing

 Below are some proven steps to follow when you can’t install play services.  

  • Clear the Cache of Current play services app.
  • Try restarting the device or Reboot into safe mode.
  • Install a newer version of it. 

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