How to Check Google Play Service Verison ~ 1 Easy Step

Want to Check the google play services version? Here’s how to check the play services version on any device from any brand.

There could be many reasons you want to see the version, but if you want to update or download the play service apk, you might need to know the current version.

Let’s Dive in.

How to check google play service verison

How to Check Google Play Services Version Running On Device

Below is the step-by-step procedure to know what version of play services is installed and running.

The step to find the installed version is pretty similar on all the devices from every brand.

Step 1: Open Settings

settings icon

The first step is to open the device settings by clicking the settings icon below.

Step 2: Get Into All Apps List

Here, in the mobile settings, simply find and select the apps option. On some devices, it shows all apps; on others, it shows app management.

Step 3: Select Google Play Service

In the list of all the installed, whether the system or additional apps, i.e., apps installed by you.

Step 4: Here Is Play Services Version

Finally, you will find the installed version of google play services, as you can see below. There’s the app name on the top and then the App’s version, which is running.

google play services version is shown in the image

For example, my device is running on the Google Play Service version. 

This is the process of checking the device’s play service version and running on it.

To quickly sum up all the steps, bullet points summarise all the lengthy procedures.

Qucikly Check Play Services Verison

  • Open smartphone settings from the app drawer.
  • Tap on All Apps, or get into the App list.
  • Here, Select Google Play Service.
  • Now, you will see the Play service version that the device is working on.

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